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In Volume 1. the Warm Up track uses Binary Beats that resonate in the same brain wave pattern known as Alpha State which is associated with enhanced serotonin release, mood elevation, and positive thinking. The Warm Down track uses Theta State Binary Beats that correlate with deep relaxation, meditation, and focus.

The Exercizer Maximizer utilizes carefully chosen Binary Beats that resonate in the correct musical key to work seamlessly with the music it is embedded into, giving you the best experience possible.

Warning: Binary Beats should not be used by anyone with a history of seizures or epilepsy. For this reason Volume 2. has versions of the Warm Up and Warm Down tracks with the same great music that sounds identical to the human ear as the versions on Volume 1, but without the Binary Beats enhancement.

Binary Beats were first discovered in 1839 by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He found that when two signals of slightly different frequencies are played separately, one to each ear, the human brain creates its own third signal a - Binary Beat- equal to the difference between those two signals.

Research has proven that Binary Beats can cause the brain to begin resonating in tune with their frequency. This is called the "Frequency Following Response" and was thoroughly researched and tested in 1973 by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City with his findings published in Scientific American.

As an example, a tone of 400Hz is played to the right ear, and a tone of 410Hz is played to the left ear (using stereo headphones). Inside the head, the difference between the two tones is realized, and a third Binary Beat of 10Hz is produced. The brain waves then resonate with this frequency.

“The Exercizer Maximizer uses advanced breakthroughs in digital technology to

create frequencies that stimulate beneficial Brain Wave patterns.”

Exercise and Workout at your peak potential.

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The Exercizer Maximizer utilizes Binary Beats Technology in the Warm Up and Warm Down tracks on Volume 1. Scientific Research has found that when listening on headphones, Binary Beats can harmonize the left
Binary Beats in Music
and right brain hemispheres and put them into a beneficial Alpha or Theta state. The Warm Up uses Alpha state Binary Beats associated with enhanced serotonin release, mood elevation, and positive thinking. The Warm Down track uses Theta state Binary Beats that correlate with deep relaxation, meditation, and focus. Read more...
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For Maximum benefit please use Headphones while exercising.

Binary Beats and why we use them: The human ear can only hear sounds down to 20Hz. Many positive brain wave patterns resonate at a much lower level than discernible. But now with Binary Beat technology we can stimulate these positive brain wave patterns.

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"This product is awesome! I have to get Actors and Celebrities in shape for heir big roles on very tight schedules. I've found The Exercizer Maximizer to be an excellent tool to meet my clients needs."

Judd Dunning,

Hollywood celebrity trainer and host of Fit TV, has worked with Nicole Richie, Young MC, and contestants for The Bachelor. Read more...


The purpose of this music is to aid in your workout and exercise routine to help you loose weight, get slim, burn fat,

be healthy, and look and feel your best. Runners and pro athletes use it to reach their peak performance goals.

Exercizer Maximizer® and True Calling LLC make no medical claims or warranties, express or implied.

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