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Workout Music Engineered to Get You Results


For proper use please listen to and follow the Instructions on Volume 1.

The Exercizer Maximizer is designed to be used with Headphones while exercising.

Get the most out of you Workout by following the simple instructions.

All the invigorating Exercise tracks are 24 minutes long, and the Warm Up and Warm Down last 7 minutes. However, if you like to warm up or workout longer, just set your music player to repeat, and when you are finished, skip forward to the next desired track.

Q: Can I use a music track for a different activity rather than what it’s created for?

A: YES, of course you can! Mix and match the tracks as much as you like. Some people enjoy the Cardio Extreme 160 for circuit training with weight machines or the pace of the Fat Burner 130 for jogging. (I personally like to hear the Warm Up track when I get ready for work in the morning.)

Q: Won’t I get bored of hearing the same music every time I workout?

A: On the contrary, your emotional body will create a memory response reaction that gets triggered. Every time it starts to hear the specifically designed music it will know its time to workout and will instantly propel you into exercise mode. Just pop on your headphones and you will go.

Q: If my target heart rate differs from the BPMs of the track, can I still use it?

A: Yes, these are average settings used to set a good pace. Follow what is best for you and what you feel comfortable with.

As with any workout agenda, please consult your physician before you begin. Stretch and warm up thoroughly before any workout. The Exercizer Maximizer is designed to help jump start your routine, push you further, make you workout harder, and get your results faster. If you feel strain or stress, ease off and listen to your body. As always, use caution when exercising near traffic while listening to headphones and stay alert of your surroundings.

Target Heart Rate: The ideal heart rate for cardio or fat burning differs for each person based on their age, health, and resting heart rate. The Beats Per Minute (BPMs) settings for the Exercizer Maximizer were calculated by using the average target heart rate of a decathlon athlete of 30 years of age. Maintain your own appropriate target heart rate while exercising. For a Heart Rate Calculator to find your personal cardio and fat burning zones, Go Here.

iTunes & digital music player Compression Settings:

For best results please Import this workout music as MP3s at 256 kbps. These tracks are designed to sound great when compressed for today's digital music players. However, the standard import setting for a CD onto iTunes is AAC 128 kbps, and our  testing has found that the Exercizer Maximizer’s audio files work and sound better as MP3s at 256kbps.

To change Import Settings of a CD into iTunes:

  1. 1.In iTunes 8 and above goto iTunes>Preferences, click General, click Importing (goto step 3.)

  2. 2.In iTunes 7 and below goto iTunes>Preferences, click Advanced, click Importing

  3. 3.Set Import Using to MP3 Encoder

  4. 4.Set Setting to Custom > set Stereo Bit Rate to 256kbps

  5. 5.Turn off and uncheck Use Variable Bit Rate

  6. 6.Set Sample Rate to 44.100 kHz, set Channels to Stereo, set Stereo Mode to Normal

  7. 7.Turn off and uncheck Smart Encoding and uncheck Filter Frequencies Below 10 Hz

  8. 8.Press OK and close Preferences. Now insert the CD and Import the tracks.

  9. 9.If you’ve already imported the tracks at a different setting, just delete, and re-import as above.

Adjust other digital music players accordingly.

Skipping and iPod Classic: The iPod Classic was not designed to play large AIFF or WAV files that are 24 minutes long and you may encounter skipping if you use that setting. (iPod Nano, iPhone, and other Flash players work fine.) If this occurs, re-import the tracks as MP3 files as stated above.

With the Digital Download the tracks are pre-compressed as MP3s at 256 kbps. Just make a new playlist on your ipod and drag the tracks in. If you have the CDs please follow the directions below for best import settings into iTunes.

cardio music
The Exercizer Maximizer utilizes Binary Beats Technology in the Warm Up and Warm Down tracks on Volume 1. Scientific Research has found that when listening on headphones, Binary Beats can harmonize the left
and right brain hemispheres and put them into a beneficial Alpha or Theta state. The Warm Up uses Alpha state Binary Beats associated with enhanced serotonin release, mood elevation, and positive thinking. The Warm Down track uses Theta state Binary Beats that correlate with deep relaxation, meditation, and focus. Read more...
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Instructions - Tips

For Maximum benefit please use Headphones while exercising.

The purpose of this music is to aid in your workout and exercise routine to help you loose weight, get slim, burn fat,

be healthy, and look and feel your best. Runners and pro athletes use it to reach their peak performance goals.

Exercizer Maximizer® and True Calling LLC make no medical claims or warranties, express or implied.

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"This product is awesome! I have to get Actors and Celebrities in shape for heir big roles on very tight schedules. I've found The Exercizer Maximizer to be an excellent tool to meet my clients needs."

Judd Dunning,

Hollywood celebrity trainer and host of Fit TV, has worked with Nicole Richie, Young MC, and contestants for The Bachelor. Read more...

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